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Line Knight Fortix
Line Knight Fortix

Draw The Path To Victory And Reclaim Your Homeland In Line Knight Fortix

January 10, 2014

Line Knight Fortix ($0.99) by Bulkypix and nemesys games is a strategic line-drawing game where you need to reclaim your homeland. If you enjoyed classic games like JezzBall and Qix, then you are bound to enjoy what Line Knight Fortix has to offer.

I’m not usually big on strategy games, for one reason: I’m not that good at them. However, when I learned of Line Knight Fortix, it instantly reminded me of JezzBall, which I spent tons of time on as a kid. Because of this simple little concept, I was drawn in to what this game has to offer, and I’m actually really enjoying it so far.

The graphics in the game are also a big factor in what drew me in to it to begin with. You’ll find retro and colorful cartoonish visuals, yet incredibly detailed environments, smooth animations, and an adventurous soundtrack. Since the game is played from a top-down perspective, there will be a lot going on the screen at once, but you can also pinch to zoom in and out for a closer inspection of specific areas.

There are three worlds for you to go through in the game, with each having 15 levels of increasing difficulty. While it may not seem like a lot, you will probably spend a good amount of time getting through the available levels, as things do get tough. I hope to see more levels added in the future through updates, though.

The game’s controls are quite easy to understand, even for strategy novices. You will have your character, Sir Fortix the Line Knight, standing on the perimeter of un-captured land (it appears darker than captured land). You can tap anywhere on the perimeter to have him move there.

Since the goal of the game is to take back your homeland by capturing it from the evil wizard, Xitrof, you will need to think carefully about where you are going. To make Sir Fortix capture land, you will need to swipe him in the direction you want him to go, and make sure to enclose that area of land with your line to capture it. It’s intuitive and quite easy to pick up from just a few moments of playing, especially with the tutorial that shows you the basics.

While you capture the land one bit at a time, you can also turn the tides of battle. The forces of evil will have their own defenses, of course, but you can take them over by capturing the land that they are on. For example, if there are catapults or turrets, capturing them will make them yours, and they will fend off any other dangers nearby.

You will find dragons, goblins, and other monsters the further you get, though, so things will increase in difficulty. While you make your lines for capturing, if anything should touch or land on your line, it can kill you, so you need to be careful. Power-ups will also appear on the map randomly, and if you can capture the land that they are on, you will gain a power-up to turn the game in your favor for a brief amount of time. Power-ups can include speed boosts, freezing of enemy movement, and more.

Each level will be complete when you capture enough land, and you get stars based on your performance. For perfectionists, I recommend taking your time and anticipating enemy moves before making your own move, since the game is not on a timer. There are points awarded for how well you do, but for some reason the game does not integrate leaderboards. There are, however, 18 achievements to obtain.

I’m really enjoying Line Knight Fortix so far, as it’s a simple gameplay mechanic and quite challenging. The only thing I hope to see in the future are possible leaderboards, perhaps for the amount of land captured on each level or something of that nature. Still, if you enjoy line-drawing strategy games, then I highly recommend picking this one up.

You can get Line Knight Fortix in the App Store as a universal download for $0.99.

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Line Knight Fortix
Line Knight Fortix