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Keep Your Mathematical Juices Flowing With Next - Numbers

December 20, 2013

Next - Numbers ($1.99) by Vito Technology Inc. is a simple math game by the creators of Solar Walk and Star Walk that keeps your brain chugging along. It has the potential to improve your mathematical and visual reflexes, regardless of age or ability. If you can count natural numbers, you can play Next – Numbers.

The game contains two modes: Blitz and Zen. As suggested by their names, Blitz mode consists on moving very quickly in order to beat the clock, while Zen allows players to take as much time as they wish. The object of the game is to tap numbers by increasing value from one to 15 or 35, depending on the level of difficulty selected. In Blitz mode, you will get a score based on how many you tapped during that time, while Zen mode will provide the amount of time it took to complete the puzzle.

If you feel stuck in any mode at any level of difficulty, there are a few tools that can help. Found just beneath the board, there is a clock that will spin back time, a magnifying glass that will show you where the next number is, and a check mark that will hide numbers you have already tapped on. I cannot think of three better power-ups to include in a game like this, and the fact that additional uses of each can be purchased using points that are earned through the game is a bonus. For all who hate free-to-play games with a passion, this one's for you, since in-app purchases are nowhere to be found.

In all types of puzzles, the numbers are scattered on a complex board and are difficult to find. While the “easy” mode lives up to its name pretty quickly, the “medium” one feels hard even after playing quite a few rounds. As of right now, it seems that there is no actual “hard” mode to be found. Perhaps one will come in the future.

The main idea behind Next – Numbers is that, by doing these types of mathematical exercises frequently, one can improve the speed of their reflexes. To provide a better understanding of how well you are progressing, there are two charts within the app. One displays concentration, speed of reaction, and visual memory as percentages, but it is hard to tell what these data represent. The other displays a graph with your scores plotted, demonstrating your improvement over time.

With its simple gameplay modes, great purpose, and easy way to track your progress, Next – Numbers is an app that is essentially suitable for anyone. If your math could use a little or a lot of improvement, I highly recommend heading over to the App Store to pick it up for $1.99 as a universal download.

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