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Now Next Later
Now Next Later

Now Next Later Makes Checking The Weather Easier Than Looking Out The Window

July 30, 2013

Now Next Later (Free) by Beep Industries is a new weather app that looks great and is unbelievably simple to use. Instead of complex Doppler radar apps with confusing indexes, see the weather in its simplest form.

This app is the perfect addition to Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 redesign. It features a flat, minimalist look with bright colors and a rounded white font. Even the app’s icon screams, “Hello iOS 7, here I am.”

When you first open the app, you’ll be asked for access to your current location. After that, there is only one action that can be performed – refreshing the forecast.

To refresh the weather forecast, double tap the screen. The color will change to blue-green for just a second and then back to the main color.

Speaking of colors, the weather conditions are color-coded. The warmer the weather, the warmer the colors will be. If it is hot outside, your screen will be bright red. As the temperature cools down, the color will change to orange, and then yellow. I don’t know what the cold weather colors are because I am not living in a cold climate at the moment. However, I assume they would change to an array of cool colors, like blue and green.

If you look closely at your screen, you will see stars appearing and disappearing on the screen. Instead of showing an icon with a rain cloud or sunshine, this app distributes twinkling particles in different capacities to show you how extreme the rain, wind speed, and snow is.

The text on the screen shows the city you are in, the sky’s condition (clear, partly cloudy, rain, etc.), and the current temperature.

To see a three-day forecast, scroll down. The future forecast will show you the expected high and low for the day, plus the sky’s condition.

My only issue with this app is that it is based on the Celsius temperature scale and cannot be converted to Fahrenheit. According to the developer’s support page, an update will be available soon that will allow you to switch from one to the other, but for now you are locked into Celsius.

This is minimalism at its finest. You can’t do anything but read the temperature. There are no cloud coverage maps, extreme weather watchers, or icons of sunshine and clouds. You can’t check the weather conditions in a different location. At the moment, you can’t even switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. However, the app looks good and is a great way to get a quick glance at today’s temperature and be prepared for the days ahead. Download it for free in the App Store today.

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