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Simian.Interface Will Challenge Your Geometry And Spatial Skills In A Whole New Dimension

January 9, 2014

Brought to you by the collaboration between Bulls Eye Studio, Vested Interest, and Chillingo, simian.interface ($0.99) is a unique spatial puzzle game that is suitable for simians of any type – that is, if they are iOS device users. It is, by far, the most unique puzzle game I have come across, and with this, it can be difficult to explain.

The game consists of small puzzles that must be properly assembled. This can be done through the tilting of your device or dragging of your finger on the screen, and you get to choose your method of input. The touch control is much easier than the tilt, but tilting the puzzle provides a more interesting experience.

When I describe that puzzles must be “assembled,” I use this term because there is no specific way to mark one as being complete. Whether you have to cause squares to overlap, align shapes on a grid, assemble multiple pivoting shapes into one, or account for colors and blending, you probably won’t be able to tell when you’re done until you see the game’s satisfying pulse of completion. For each puzzle, you will have to tilt your phone or drag your finger across the screen to figure out how this causes the shapes to move, and once realizing how they move through the null medium, you can bring them to their proper location.

It’s all about discovering the physics.

The earlier levels mostly begin with flat, two-dimensional shapes, with later levels having you work in three dimensions. This is where the tilt control shines. Despite its trickiness, the tilt control provides a much more intimate experience with the game, as it allows you to physically feel the movement of the on-screen shapes and patterns through the realistic virtual space.

For a visual preview of how simian.interface works, check out the video embedded below. If you can’t see it, try heading over here.

After the first minute or so of playing simian.interface, I found myself hooked. I was on a roll, beginning by using the touch controls, and eventually switching to tilting because of the greater challenge and better feel. However, after playing for slightly more than half an hour, I ran into a problem. The game ended. Although the game is stellar while you’re playing, I would enjoy it much more if it lasted a reasonable amount of time. For the time being, simian.interface is a little on the short side when it comes to the number of levels available.

Despite the high probability of zooming through the game in little time, simian.interface presents an extremely new type of puzzle that is worthy of a look by anyone. The touch and tilt controls, crazy visuals that consist of shapes, the occasional cat, and the jumbled up command line-esque text throughout the game and menus give it a lot of personality and value.

To experience a new dimension in the palm of your hand, get simian.interface in the App Store for $0.99.

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