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Sine Mora
Sine Mora

Sine Mora Puts You In The Cockpit Of The Fastest Fighter Plane In The Galaxy

July 15, 2013

Sine Mora ($5.99) by Digital Reality Software Kft is a side scrolling shoot ‘em up game that mixes classic arcade action with storytelling adventure. Get in the cockpit of this fast paced shooter as you blow away enemy planes, ships, and more.

Players command a fighter plane that looks like it is three parts World War II biplane and one part science fiction spaceship. Shoot down oncoming enemies with the power of your advanced weaponry.

Players start by learning a few of the basics in the training mode. Learn how to move the plane around, fire the main and auxiliary weapons, and use special capsules that either slow down or rewind time.

Then, you’ll be sent on your first attack. The story of Sine Mora involves the father of a fighter pilot out for revenge. Each stage starts with a few paragraphs of text, telling you why you are about to embark on such a dangerous journey. At the end of a stage, your score and game statistics will be tallied and you will receive a grade for your accomplishments.

In this shooter game, players are attacked by dozens of enemy planes, tanks, and turrets as they fly through the air. Control your plane’s up, down, forward, and back movements using a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen. The four buttons on the right side of the screen control the main weapon, the special weapon (which has limited ammo), the time capsule, and the auto-fire.

As you destroy enemy transports, you will pick up special bonuses, like added time, a temporary shield, and increased firepower. Firepower is stacked and the more bonuses you receive, the more power you have. However, getting shot will cause the firepower tokens to “fly out the window” and if you don’t recapture them, they will be lost.

The game’s tasks are timed. You will earn a few additional seconds on the clock when you destroy an enemy, or you can pick up extra time with bonuses.  If you run out before reaching a landmark, you will have to replay the entire section again.

There are also three additional modes of play, adding to the replay value of the game. You can play in arcade mode, which is the basic shooter game without a storyline to go along with it. There is also a timed mode, which tests your skills at speed and accuracy. You start the level with only 15 seconds on the clock. You increase time when you kill an enemy, but you if you miss too many of them, you will run out of time. The boss training mode pits you against one of the bosses you’ve already beaten in the story mode. This feature is a great one because, inevitably, you will lose the game and have to start over. Practicing killing the level end boss will help you stay alive longer in the campaign.

Players start each game with eight continue tokens. When you run out, you must start the game over from the beginning.

My only complaint is that the details of the game are not explained very well. I’m not sure what half of the bonus items are for and there is no way to tell when you’ve run out of special weapons or time capsules.

This game is very complex and offers a full range of amazing action shooter options. The graphics are fantastic. The storyline is rich and interesting. The various modes give Sine Mora a very high replay value. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys traditional shoot ‘em up games.

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Sine Mora
Sine Mora
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