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Stay In Action, Out Of Traction In Skyman

March 12, 2013

Skyman (Free) by Playerthree tests how well you can soar through the air and land safely.

You play as a stuntman as the final act of a daily air show. Blast off from your launcher and get hurled through the sky. The goal is simple: please the crowd by breaking your records for height and distance.

Much like Turtle Fly and Earn To Die, each day you have the opportunity to upgrade your different items by using the cash earned from each stunt.

Aim the launcher and wait for the power meter to hit full strength before launching the stuntman. As he flies across the screen, dotted lines will appear to represent previous markers for greatest height or distance achieved.

Just don’t forget to deploy your parachute before it’s too late. Details, details.

Not deploying your chute in time results in losing health. Lose too much and you’re in the hospital. While such a serious injury will only keep you bed ridden for five days, that is still lost time on your calendar. The take away lesson? Deploy your chute in time.

However, buying a stunt double ensures that the show will still go on, even if you are in the hospital. He’ll even be nice enough to give you a share of his cash earnings.

While this game is essentially a newer version of Turtle Fly, I would pick this game over that one. The cool graphics, music, and gameplay all combine to form a great package.

Overall, this is definitely a fun game that you can play on the iPhone or iPad. Best of all, it’s free.

Launch over to the App Store to check it out.

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