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This Is Not A Ball Game.
This Is Not A Ball Game.

This Is Not A Ball Game Plays Just Like A Ball Game

May 14, 2013

This Is Not A Ball Game. (Free) by Absurd Interactive is a physics based game that incorporates a turn of the century French art style and a flare for the extraordinary. Help a mysterious genie return magic to the world by knocking down circus animals and freeing trapped stars.

Players must toss the ball at cutout animals to try to knock down blocks that have gold stars trapped inside of them. To score high, knock down all three stars with the fewest number of balls.

You can either aim for the block or try to earn extra points by aiming for one of the cutout animals. Chances are, when you knock down the animal, the block will follow closely behind.

To toss the ball, swipe your finger across the screen  to the target. The speed of the ball depends on how fast you swipe your finger. You can arc the ball higher by swiping upward, too.

Once you’ve completed the first world, or in this case, wheel, you will lose energy points when you play. Drops of magic represent energy points. You will lose one drop of magic for each level. You start with only four drops of magic, but can buy more using tickets that you earn when you level up, or you can wait for them to replenish automatically.

When you get to the second wheel, the levels become immensely difficult and you will need special balls in order to free the trapped stars. You can buy special balls with coins in the game store. However, you need tickets in order to unlock them. You can buy more tickets through in-app purchases, or wait until you’ve earned enough through leveling up. You will also eventually run out of the circus balls that come with the game. They are fairly inexpensive as far as gold coins go, so you can buy them with in-game winnings when you need to.

This game is extremely entertaining. It looks awesome and plays great. Although it is a freemium game, you can get pretty far without feeling like you have to buy something. You will eventually find yourself struggling to knock down stars without using special balls, but you can replay levels to earn coins to purchase them. If you are a fan of physics based games and want to play something that is visually interesting, check out this game in the App Store.

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