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Uncover The Mysteries Of One Woman’s Trauma

March 25, 2013

TRAUMA ($2.99) by Krystian Majewski is a point-and-click mystery adventure that has been optimized for touchscreen gaming. Use gestures to unlock memories and learn how an unidentified woman ended up in a hospital.

Players start by watching a short movie clip showing a group of people sharing a car from one location to another. Somehow, while traveling to their destination, there was an accident and one woman finds herself alone in a hospital speaking with a doctor about her life and things that she remembers about her identity.

You will help her unlock her memories through her dreams by finding pictures and solving puzzles. To move around in the dream, use swipe gestures to paint light on the screen.

For example, to move to the right, swipe across the screen from right to left. As you swipe, it will appear as light paint on the screen. Each dream includes a different gesture that is used to solve the final puzzle. To activate the drain, paint the right gesture in the correct place. When you do, it will cause a new effect.

As you move around, you’ll also notice other objects that, at first, don’t make sense. As you discover new clues, you can go back to previously played dreams to find items that were inaccessible before.

There is one main discovery in each dream, plus a couple of alternative endings that offer additional game play. For example, in the dream, “The Next Hurdle,” the main ending is to save the teddy bear. However, there are three alternative endings that require certain gestures you won’t even learn about until you play the other dreams.

This is a very profound and exciting story for fans of point-and-click style mystery games. Each new discovery sheds light on earlier mysteries and sends you deeper into a dream world where nothing is what you think it should be. The only complaint I have is that it is too short. I’d like to see a few new dreams added so you can spend more time with the game.

As you complete the main endings for each dream, you will unlock a new movie clip. Each clip reveals more about the woman in the hospital and what her life is like. She begins to understand her own issues more as you begin to understand her dream world better.

If you like to solve mysteries and play games that rely heavily on revealing a story, you will enjoy exploring the dream world of this unknown woman. The price is reasonable and the game offers layers of added gaming. You won’t be disappointed with the depth of resonance. If anything, you’ll be wishing for more.

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