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World Of Rebus
World Of Rebus

World Of Rebus Challenges Your Pictogram Skills

April 23, 2013

World Of Rebus ($0.99) by Dmytro Vitoshkin is a puzzle game meant to stimulate the brains of the most advanced puzzle gamer. If you think you are good at pictograms, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Players start out by following the opening story of an adventurer who is running home to discover that his young son has been kidnapped. In order to rescue his little tyke, our hero must solve difficult rebus puzzles to unlock hidden artifacts.

A rebus, or pictogram, is a puzzle that usually displays objects with connections to each other so that, when combined, they make a word or series of words. If you’ve ever had a Lucky Lager, you will have seen a rebus on the underside of the cap.

In this game, players try to determine what word is being presented using pictures, plus a couple of additional rules. For example, a comma on one side of a picture means that either the first letter or last letter must be removed from the final word. So, a picture of a chair with a comma in front of it means that you will instead use “hair” in the final puzzle.

The app’s summary calls this a hardcore game for true fans of puzzles. I can definitely agree that theses puzzles are challenging. However, it seems like the real challenge is trying to figure out what the object is.

In one puzzle, players are shown what looks like a piece of paper with a sketch of something on it. The sketch is difficult to interpret. However, the object starts with “CHA.” I still can’t figure out what the object is. I used my hints to find the first three letters and then guessed the rest of the puzzle.

If you need help with a puzzle, you can use a hint. The game comes with three free hints, but you can buy more through in-app purchases. In my opinion, some of the puzzle’s images are intentionally difficult to interpret because the developer wants you to spend money on more hints.

If you are really good at solving pictograms, you may discover that theses puzzles are not as difficult as I think they are. I suggest players download the free version, which includes the first five levels and three free hints. If you can make it through all five puzzles without needing any hints, you may have what it takes to play the full version.

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