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Assassin Quest Restaurant Escape
Assassin Quest Restaurant Escape

Quirky App Of The Day: Assassin Quest Restaurant Escape Is A Tricky Puzzle

December 29, 2012

Assassin Quest Restaurant Escape (Free) by HUANG ZHIQIANG is a puzzle to find the objects that you need to complete your mission. You are a hired assassin. Your contract involves eliminating a man with sensitive information on a flash drive. You have to carry out your contract quietly to prevent any suspicion of your involvement. Personally, I bumbled around so much during the game that the bodyguards would have thought of me as a harmless lunatic.

As you explore your surroundings you’ll come across things that you need. You can store these things in your inventory until it’s time to use them. You can also tap on them and combine them with other items.

You’ll need to find a way into the restaurant, a means to take out your target, and a way to escape unnoticed. All of these things are managed with objects you find.  You can’t directly interact with any of the characters.

Luckily, there’s no way to lose the game. I walked up to the bodyguards and tapped on them. I tried to go in through the wrong doors, and I walked up to the target without the proper materials. The game won’t do anything. It just lets you continue on your way. I can only imagine what it would look like to people in real life if I came up to them and started tapping everything to see if I could pick it up.

The down side to the app is that some objects require a little more precision than others to use them. There were a few times that it took a couple of good taps to get the object to work. Never fear, though. Objects that interact with each other in your inventory only took one tap to use. If you’re tapping on those over and over and nothing is happening, then you need to get some more objects.

Are you hopelessly stuck? I have a solution for that too. Here’s a walkthrough. Don’t feel bad. I had to look at it too.

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Assassin Quest Restaurant Escape
Assassin Quest Restaurant Escape