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Can You Escape Dr’s Room ?
Can You Escape Dr’s Room ?

Quirky App Of The Day: Can You Escape Dr.'s Room In Time?

September 20, 2013

Can You Escape Dr’s Room ? (Free) by JINLONG CHEN is a room escape game. You’ve been locked in this room by a psychotic doctor. You’re not sure if he wants to perform experiments on you or simply kill you. It’s therefore in your best interest to leave that room as quickly as possible.

There are things that can help you to get out. You can pick up items around the room. Some of these items you will use individually, and other items you will need to combine into a new one. To make a new item, drag one of the items over the one you wish to combine it with.

There are locked boxes in this game that you’ll need to open. Each box will give you a new object that will come in handy. Once you’ve opened the boxes, you’ll be able to escape the room.

There are four different parts of the room that you can see. You can use the arrows at the bottom to change which part of the room you’re looking at. When you click on a box to get a closer look, you can hit the up arrow to go back to the normal view.

There are ads that run along the bottom of the game while you play. However, everything that you need or interact with is placed high enough that the ads don’t interfere with gameplay.

The information page in the App Store mentions that you need to break out of this room in order to progress to the next room, but there’s only this one room. I played through the game three different time just to make sure.

This was a pretty good escape game for those who are new to the genre. Some of the solutions made me roll my eyes, but they were straightforward enough that I could recommend this game to a novice.

Can You Escape Dr’s Room is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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Can You Escape Dr’s Room ?
Can You Escape Dr’s Room ?