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Total Domination - Reborn
Total Domination - Reborn

Total Domination Reborn Invades The App Store, Get Ready To Battle

June 6, 2013

Total Domination - Reborn (Free) by Plarium Global Ltd is a tactical military themed build and battle game where players must defend their base while exterminating alien forces that are trying to take over the planet. Destroy enemy bases, build trade friendships, and become the leader of the new empire.

Players start by building up a solid base that will generate titanium and uranium, which are the currency of this civilization. Then, once you have enough troops and tradable goods, head out to other sectors to either fight against them, or make allies with other players.

To start off, the game takes you through a tutorial where you will learn the basics of the game’s mechanics. While it seems like most town building games, it is important to follow the tutorial to learn about the important details, like how to raid another sector.

After you’ve built a few important buildings, you will be able to research activities, like transportation, flight, and more. When you research, you will gain the ability to perform more tasks, earn more currency, and build a stronger army.

You will eventually be tasked with raiding or becoming allies with other sectors in the area. Other real-life players run these sectors. Depending on your gaming style, you’ll either join a large alliance of gamers who work together to help each other in battle, or you will fight alone to try to become the sole force on the planet with total domination.

The game is free to play and offers in-app purchases to increase currency. However, you can get a lot done without feeling like you need to speed up any processes, or buy extra crystals.

For example, one task may be to build an airfield that takes a few minutes to complete. However, another task will send you on a mission to destroy an infestation of enemy aliens. Then, you may be tasked with researching some new technology while training new troops.

This game is very detailed and engaging. I love being able to build a science-fiction themed military base and attacking bug-like alien forces. It reminds me a lot of “Starship Troopers.”

However, I found it difficult to distinguish the different types of buildings because they are all so small and detailed. Plus, when trying to find specific sectors on the map, I had a hard time seeing where things were.

This game was originally created for PC and has been revised to include iOS gameplay. It plays seamlessly and is epically fun, but the details are too small.  It seems like the developers took the full-sized game and squished it onto the iPhone screen. I highly recommend playing this on the iPad instead if you have the option.

Even though I had a difficult time discerning building types because the graphics are too detailed for the iPhone screen, I found this game to be extremely engaging. Not only do you build a powerful city that can produce currency and soldiers, you also go out and fight or join your neighbors for a deep and rich gaming experience. If you are a fan of build and battle games, pick this one up in the App Store today.

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