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The Basecamp charger works with 3 iOS devices at once

Basecamp by iNZeyo Labs is a 3-in-1 charger.

Basecamp for iPhone and iPad updated to version 2.0 with new features and improvements

Basecamp has updated both its official iPhone and iPad apps to version 2.0 with notable new features and improvements.

Popular Campfire Client Flint Snuffed Out Of App Store - Here's Why

The popular Campfire client app Flint has been removed from the App Store.

On Its 15th Anniversary, 37signals Rebrands And Refocuses As Basecamp

Henceforth, 37signals shall be known as Basecamp.

Basecamp iOS App Makes On-The-Go Project Management Easier With New Update

The latest update to Basecamp - Official App adds new Calendar and Me options to the app's home screen.

Basecamp Users Rejoice - The iOS App Now Supports Classic

The official Basecamp app from 37signals now supports Classic Projects.

Collaborate On The Go With 37signal's Official Basecamp App For iPhone

Last week, 37signals released their own official Basecamp app. How does it fare in use? Let's find out.

New Basecamp App By 37signals Launches, Leaves Classic Users Out In The Cold

There's an all new Basecamp app for the iPhone.

Easily Manage Your Basecamp To-Dos On The Go With Bivouac

Do you Basecamp? If yes, then you should Bivouac!

Official Basecamp Mobile Web App, Available Now!

Apple fans can now take advantage of Basecamp Mobile: a handy, new web application that gives smart phone users on the go access to 37signals' Basecamp system.

QuickAdvice: Work With Basecamp In Style With Headquarters

Headquarters is a stylish and quick Basecamp application for your iPhone that is packed with the necessary Basecamp features. Is it worth the Lincoln? Click through to find out.

QuickAdvice: Summit Is A Slick And Cheap Way To Access Basecamp From Your iPhone

Are you looking for a cheaper, but beautiful alternative to some of the high-priced Basecamp apps out there? Summit is off to a good start, but it isn't without some flaws. Read on to find out more.

QuickAdvice: Take Your Basecamp With You In Outpost 2

Basecamp users are always on the lookout for a new app that can make managing their projects so much easier. Meet Outpost 2, a universal app that brings all of Basecamp's major features right onto your iPhone or iPad.