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bullet hell

Starseed: Origin is a nostalgic arcade shooter in your pocket

Starseed: Origin is the new bullet hell shmup from Crescent Moon Games that is hard to put down.

Shoot lasers at your foes in Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne

Put your bullet hell shmup skills to the test in the flashy new .Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne.

Shooting Stars with laser kitties is the way to go

The fate of mankind rests on the shoulders of a guy with a hover board and a laser-firing cat.

Magenta Arcade is a unique arcade shooter where your finger is the best weapon and greatest weakness

Magenta Arcade is a unique top-down arcade shooter that puts the focus on your finger.

Obliterate your foes by breaking them down in Shoot A Bit

Do you have what it takes to Shoot A Bit in this challenging arcade shooter?

Blast Your Way Through Hordes Of Enemy Ships In The Frantic Action Of Hectic Space

If you enjoy vintage side scrolling space shooters and bullet hell games, then you'll love Hectic Space.

Navigate And Shoot Your Way Through The Underwater Void In Abyss Attack

Abyss Attack combines bullet hell shmup and endless runner gameplay into one fun and challenging game.

Avoid Barrages Of Bullets In rRootage Online HD

Experience a legendary shoot-em-up game that pits you against abstract boss battles in four different game modes. That's rRootage Online HD.

These Aliens Aren't Faster Than Lightning Fighter

Lightning Fighter is a fast-paced game of the bullet hell genre that is sure to strike any arcade gamer's fancy.

Deathsmiles Is Another Title From Cave That Doesn't Disappoint

Bullet hell shmup fan? Cave Co, LTD has a shiny new release that will whet your appetite.

Teleport In An Absolute Instant With This Great Game

If you love arcade shooters of the bullet hell genre, you’ll not want to miss this one! You won't want to put this game down due to the great pick-up-and-play controls and innovative attacks.

Review: Mushihimesama Bug Panic - Keeping The Bugs In Line

Cave Co. is best known for their bullet-hell games Espgaluda and Dodonpachi Resurrection, and they are back in a new dual stick shooter. The insects of the world have revolted, and it's up to you to put down the rebellion by using tons of bullets. Are you up for the challenge? Read on to find out more.

QuickAdvice: Take Your iPhone To Bullet Hell With ESPGALUDA II

Cave offers hardcore gamers another bullet hell game on their iPhone. ESPGALUDA II could satisfy their needs for a more challenging game than casual offerings out there. Is it worth the money? Read on to find out.

QuickAdvice: Get Fast Paced Shooting Action With Dodonpachi Resurrection

Fans of the original Dodonpachi or just bullet hell games in general should be pleased to find Dodonpachi Resurrection in the App Store. Is it worth your hard earned cash? Read on to find out.