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Goshi App Hopes To Take On Craigslist

A new service exclusively available on iDevices hopes to take on Craigslist by offering its customers a place to sell and buy items near them. Goshi, which is being perfected in Chicago before going national, recently arrived in the App Store.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Couldn’t Get An iPad 2? Is Ebay To Blame?

Reports that Apple sold up to 500,000 iPad 2 tablets during its debut weekend means little to those who stood in line for the iDevice on Friday, only to come up empty handed. What makes this news more frustrating is knowing that some of those iPad 2 buyers who were successful are now making a quick profit. But is this a big problem?

Bryan M. Wolfe

iPad: Making Sense And Making Cents

If you're like me, you were excited about the release of the iPad, but had trouble deciding whether it was really worth your hard-earned money to buy it. If you're still wondering, read on to find out if you need an iPad, and how to spend the least amount of money to buy one.

Scott Grizzle