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The Apple EarPods Rumor Turned Out To Be A Lie

Here's one Apple rumor that was untrue. In fact, it was a lie.

So That’s Why Apple Moved The iPhone Audio Jack To The Bottom

Apple's next set of EarPods may integrate with heart rate and blood pressure sensors.

Tony Fadell, ‘Father’ Of The iPod, Shows Off The Specially Designed EarPods, Mac Pro

The current CEO of Nest, and former Apple vice president, was photographed showing off the treasures that were auctioned off for charity last month.

Check Out Jony Ive's (RED) Charity Auction Catalog

Images of Bono's forthcoming (RED) auction catalog have surfaced online.

Review: Avantree’s Hive Offers iDevice Users Affordable Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

How do Avantree's Hive wireless headphones compare against Apple's EarPods?

Future Apple Earbuds Might Contain Noise-Cancelling Technology

Apple is working on making its earbuds a lot more useful.

Apple Unveils Shorter Lightning Cable, Tweaked In-Ear Headphones With Mic

The 0.5-meter Lightning-to-USB cable costs the same as the longer version.

The New MA150 Earphones From RHA Look Like A Much Better Choice Than Apple’s EarPods

RHA's entry-level earphones look to be a great choice for inexpensive and quality sound.

Apple's 2012 iPod Lineup Is Now Available At Retail Outlets And Online

Apple's new line of iPods is now available in retail outlets and online. Get your colorful new device today!

Unboxing Videos Unveil New iPods Don't Include Full Feature EarPods

Apple's new iPods are shipping -- without fully functional EarPods.

RHA Entering North American Market With Reasonably Priced Headphones, Earphones

British audio company RHA is officially entering the North American market with an inexpensive set of earphones and on-ear headphones exclusively at Apple Stores.

Opinion: One Mostly Good Week With The iPhone 5

One week after receiving my iPhone 5 and things are mostly good.

Apple Showcases iPhone 5 And EarPods In New Ads

Apple has just released not one, not two, but three ads showcasing the latest generation of its bestselling smartphone.

The iPhone 5 Event Video Recap - Everything You Need To Know

Watch today's show to find out everything that happened at the iPhone 5 event in under eight minutes.