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handmade highlights

Handmade Highlights: Check Out These Snazzy iPhone 5 Docks

A selection of dock options for the iPhone 5.

Handmade Highlights: Turn Your iPhone Into A Work Of Art With A Hand Painted Case

Brush Cases offers up super cool hand painted cases for your iPhone.

Handmade Highlights: Spice Up Your Boring Apple TV With These Awesome Decals

Turn your Apple TV into a retro gaming console. Or a waffle.

Handmade Highlights: App Icons Aren’t Just For Your Phone

This week's Handmade Highlights features app icon magnets, coasters, and more.

Handmade Highlights: These Typewriters Work With Your iPad

Check out these typewriter iPad docking stations. They actually work!

Handmade Highlights: Sketch In Style On Your iOS Device With These Quill Styluses

These feather-tipped styluses are simple and stylish.

Handmade Highlights: Duct Tape Cases For Your iPad

Featuring ultra slim handmade duct tape cases for the iPad.

Handmade Highlights: Gifts You Shouldn't Give This Holiday Season

A collection of must see iPhone cases.

Handmade Highlights: Tired Of White? Pick Up One Of These Custom iPhone Chargers

Customize your iPhone or your iPad with one of these colorful chargers.

Handmade Highlights: Keep That New iPhone 5 Safe With One Of These Monster Sleeves

These handmade iPhone 5 sleeves will keep your phone scratch free.

Handmade Highlights: Create Digital Art With This Awesome Do-It-Yourself Stylus

Make your own stylus using tips from this week's Handmade Highlights.

Handmade Highlights: Gorgeous Wooden Skins and Cases for Nature Lovers

Love the look of wood? Don't miss out on these iPhone cases.

Handmade Highlights: The Booksi - Your Favorite Book As An iPhone Dock

Booksi is an iPhone and iPad charging station made from vintage books.

Handmade Highlights: Classic Leather Sleeves For Guys And Gals

This week's Handmade Highlights features printed leather cases from a talented Etsy seller.

Handmade Highlights: These iOS Cases Are A Hoot!

Handmade Highlights is our new series featuring iOS cases and accessories from independent artists and crafters.