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handwriting apps

Evernote updates Penultimate handwriting app for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Penultimate is now optimized for the iPad Pro, whose huge screen lends itself well to handwriting and sketching.

Evernote unfolds Penultimate 6.0 featuring new look, infinite paper and more

Evernote has updated Penultimate to version 6.0.

Noteshelf 9.0 features integration with the Livescribe 3 handwriting smart pen

Noteshelf has just been updated to version 9.0 with, most significantly, support with Livescribe 3.

This New Handwriting App For iPad Promises To Be Quite INKredible

INKredible is an app that boasts a wholly different approach to handwriting on iPad.

Ink By Intryss Updated With Picture, Sharing And Stylus Enhancements

Ink, the elegant iPad handwriting and drawing app developed by Intryss, has just been issued its second major update.

Penultimate 5.0 Supports Zoom, Drift And Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus

Penultimate, the popular handwriting app acquired by Evernote last year, has just been updated to version 5.0 with a handful of significant improvements.

Handwriting App Ink Adds New Fountain Pen Tool, Bluetooth Styli Support And More

Ink, the handwriting and drawing app for iPad developed by Intryss, has just received its first major update.

Notability 5.0 Is A Noteworthy Update, Adds iCloud Sync And Universal Support For iPhone

Formerly compatible with iPad and iPad mini only, Notability is now a universal app that works with iPhone and iPod touch as well.

Popular Handwriting App Penultimate Updated With More Evernote Features

Penultimate, the seminal handwriting app acquired by Evernote a year ago, has received yet another significant update.

CaptureNotes 2 Takes Note Of CaptureAudio Integration And Other Improvements

CaptureNotes 2, the app that lets you "capture everything" in any note-taking scenario, has just captured another major update.

Take Notes Using Virtual Bic Writing Instruments With My Bic Notes For iPad

BIC, the well-known manufacturer of pen and paper products, has just released a My BIC Notes for iPad.

NoteBinder's Latest Update Is A Binder Full Of Improvements

NoteBinder, one of the productivity apps that are compatible with Pogo Connect, has just received a major update.