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Day One 2 brings an even more streamlined journaling experience

Day One 2 is everyone's favorite journaling app rebuilt from the ground-up.

Keep track of your emotional rollercoasters with Moodnotes

Track your feelings and get insights on how to improve your happiness and well-being with this slick new app.

Day One For iOS Gets An Update Bringing 'Publish' To The iPad

Day One Publish has reached Apple's iPad thanks to a recent app update.

Journaling Gets Automated With Heyday

Journaling is made easy thanks to Heyday.

Update Your Journal With These iPad Apps

This AppGuide focuses on apps that mimic the form and function of a traditional journal or diary.

Stay Committed To Your Diet With These IPad Apps

Tired of making the same resolution to lose weight? Get the results you want this year with the help of your iPad and these apps!

Focus On The Bare Essentials With Note.S : Daily Journal

If you are looking for a simple but elegant note and journal app, then this app could fill that need.

App Synergy: How To Make A Travel Journal

I traveled to Canada and back to bring you this week's App Synergy.

Opus Domini Goes Mobile

Piso13 has released mobile versions of its Opus Domini Mac planner.

Day One For Mac Gets A Massive Update And The iOS App Is Fixed

The Day One iOS app has been fixed, and the Mac app just received a huge update.

Capture Memories And Save Them To iBooks With My iStory

My iStory is a photography journal app that turns your memories into slideshows or iBooks with one simple step. Create a daily photo diary to send to family and friends or to keep private.

Windbell Diary Is Getting A Major Update Next Month - But We’ve Got 40 Promo Codes To Give You Right Now!

There's a major update coming, and we've got all the info. Plus, we have forty copies of the app to give away, twenty for iPhone and twenty for iPad!

My Daily Journal Provides A Passcode Lock And A Vintage Journal Look: Win A Copy With A Retweet Or Comment

If you find yourself unhappy with the look of most iOS journals, My Daily Journal might be the answer you have been looking for.

Day One Makes Journaling Easy On Your iPhone and Mac

Ever want to keep a journal but you simply just don't have time? Or are you just looking for a simple and no-fuss app that just lets you do what you need to do - write? Ever want a way to save your journal to the cloud for safekeeping? Day One could be what you're looking for.

New AppGuide: Best iPad Calorie Counter

Keeping track of your diet and calories can be tricky sometimes. The iPad can be a great tool to stay on top of your diet. This AppGuide will help guide you through some of the best ones...

Review: MaxJournal for iPad

MaxJounral for iPad allows you to keep a digital daily journal or diary on your iPad. Find out how it performs, and if it's worth $1.99.

Review: Milestone

An app to track a baby's developmental milestones.