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line drawing

Play hide-and-seek around the streets of London in family-oriented game Megan and the Giant. This game has you controlling Megan from a top-down perspective. It also offers stealth action and exploration.

Mike Lata

Review: Stenches - Return Of The Zombie Hordes

Among other things, Thunder Game Works included a zombie mode in Trenches, their first path-drawing strategy game. The bloody living dead are back for revenge, and there's only one British Commander that can stop them. Read on for additional info.

Felix Xiao

Review: 33rd Division - Plus We're Giving Away 4 Copies

33rd Division has finally hit the App Store. We gave you a sneak peek, and now it's time for the in-depth review. It's just another line drawing game, right? Wrong! Guide soldiers to their extraction point, and don't be caught by the enemies. There's a chance to win one of four copies of 33rd Division.

Staff Writer