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lucky frame

The Nightmare Cooperative is a charming puzzle roguelike that's all about teamwork

The Nightmare Cooperative has been ported from Steam to iOS, and it's as charming as ever.

Lucky Frame's The Nightmare Cooperative Is A Roguelike Game With A Couple Of Twists

The next game from Lucky Frame is going to be something completely different.

Gentlemen! The Time Has Come For A 19th Century Duel

A new iOS game is now available from Lucky Frame.

Shape Up And Go On A Wave Trip Around The City In This Musical Arcade Game

The geometrical-slash-musical arcade adventure game Wave Trip has received its first ever update, which brings a new game world and a number of improvements.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For February 1, 2013

Get gaming this weekend with strategic puzzle battles and make some music with our top picks of the week!

Embark On A Musical Adventure Unlike Any Other In Wave Trip

Wave Trip is the latest game from Lucky Frame, the same developer behind the generative music maker and tower defense game hybrid Bad Hotel.

Create Music, Money, Mayhem In Bad Hotel

This game combines a generative music maker with a tower defense game. Don’t believe me? Then read on.