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Fractions Can Be Fun in Diffission, a Mathematical Puzzle Game

Brush up on your fractions with this challenging and fun puzzle game.

Learn fractions on your iPhone with these fun apps

Learning fractions on the go has never been easier.

Give your brain a workout with Noda, a challenging math puzzle

Noda is a challenging math puzzle game that will keep your brain stimulated.

My Digit Is Like The Classic Card Game War, But Requires A Strategy

Based on the classic card game War, My Digit makes the game about more than just luck.

Loot Pursuit: Pompeii Makes Math A Thrilling Ancient Roman Adventure

Outsmart robbers to save artifacts in this ancient Rome-themed math game.

AppAdvice Daily: Print And Save Your Favorite iDevice Moments Plus A Giveaway

We are printing photos and brushing up on our math skills on today's AppAdvice Daily.

AppAdvice Daily: Scan, Snap And Create Events With The Best New Apps Of The Week

It's time to get productive with the best new apps of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Hungry For Math? Get Number Crunching In Slice Fractions For iOS

Slice Fractions promises to make math fun. That's right, I said fun!

Keep Your Mathematical Juices Flowing With Next - Numbers

This simple, yet challenging math game will sharpen your mind regardless of age or ability.

Artgig Studio Hopes To Make Math Fun In Mystery Math Museum For iPad

Mystery Math Museum has launched in the App Store, and is available to download for the iPad now.

Calculating On Your iPad

Become a math whiz with the help of these iPad calculator apps.

Calculating With Options

These calculators can provide a little something extra for your iPhone.

Math Can Actually Be Fun, Thanks To Inclusion

Even if you don't like math, Inclusion makes it fun and enjoyable.

Tickle Your Brain With Nozoku, A Delightful Mathematical Puzzler

If you're a puzzle lover with a knack for numbers, then Nozoku will be sure to delight.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Amateur Surgeon 2, Math, BeachWeather And More

Today's AGF list includes an arcade game, an educational game, and a weather app.

A Chance To Win Kokono For iPad

Here's your chance to win a copy of Kokono ($2.99) for iPad and test your math skills.

Get Your Numbers In A Row As We Combine Math And A Puzzle In Grid Hack

Grid Hack is a puzzle game based on Sudoku, but with an extra challenge. You have a grid of squares which must be filled up with numbers in such a way that each row and column has each number appear only once. The numbers must also give the correct answer to a math problem.

Geom-e-Twee Gets A Colorful Update

The app that's been helping kids learn to love geometry is now better than ever with. Now it offers up a range of colors and themes!

Poko Helps Your Pre-K Child Prepare For Basic Math

If you're looking to make your little one's first experiences with math fun, interesting and easy-to-grasp, Poko is here to help.

Keep Your Kids Math Skills Sharp Over The Summer With NxtApp 4 Kids

NxtApp 4 Kids is an app for children to learn and practice their math skills in a fun and challenging way. This enjoyable game presents questions that will also help with pattern recognition and the logic of numbers.

Calc Pro Claims To Be The Top Mobile Calculator Because It Is

There are a ton of specialized calculator applications in the App Store. You probably even have a several on your iPhone. Why not eliminate a few with this amazing app?

AppGuide Updated: Graphing Apps for iPad

By now, everyone knows how much fun an iPad can be. Sometimes, however, they can fill a practical need as well. These apps, with the new addition of MathGraphics, will try to replace your TI-XX and help you with some of the toughest of math topics.

New AppGuide: Learning Fractions On The iPhone

Fractions can be tricky to learn. If you’ve got an iPhone, learning them can be a lot more fun. There are a wide variety of fraction study aid apps available; we compare the best of the bunch in this AppGuide.