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Unread 1.2 Brings New Services, Features And Fixes

Unread, the popular RSS reader for iPhone, has received an update to version 1.2.

AppAdvice Daily: Get Productive With Our New Staff Favorites

A new RSS reader, and a smart keyboard app are both on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Take In Email, RSS, Facebook And Twitter All At Once With Faast

Faast is an inbox-style aggregator for Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and email. Yes, this is unusual, but is that a bad thing?

Customize Your RSS Reading Experience With My Paper

This free app is a worth a look if you want to keep on top of your RSS feeds.

Reeder 2 Arrives As A Universal App, But Was It Worth The Wait?

Reeder 2 dropped in the App Store as a universal app last night, and we take it for a full test drive. Was it worth the wait? Read on to find out.

Digg's Google Reader Replacement Set To Launch On June 26 For iPhone

Digg Reader, a replacement service for Google Reader, is set to launch on June 26, 2013.

Extra! Extra! These Are The Best RSS Readers For Your iPad

The choice of RSS reader may be a personal one, but there are a few standout apps in the genre you should be aware of before you decide.

Here's Some Cappuccino To Go With Your Google Reader

RSS isn't dead, as proven by some amazing Google Reader apps. Cappuccino is another one to check out, but is up to snuff?

Extra! Extra! Read All The News From Your iPhone!

These apps will keep you in the know when you're on the go.

Updated AppGuide: RSS Readers For The iPad

Although many have forecasted the death knell of RSS, the iPad is a perfect platform for the bite-sized, fast website aggregation tool. This AppGuide will help you find the RSS reader that fits the way you want to read the Internet.

AppGuide Updated: iPad News Apps

Discover how awesome reading the news on your iPad can be!

The Future Of Twitter And News: Down The Algorithmic Rabbit Hole

Twitter is turning their focus more on algorithm-based services for news consumption.

AppGuide Updated: iPad News Apps

In today's world, the newspaper is becoming increasingly irrelevant. With devices such as the iPad, it is just much easier to get up to the minute news with a tablet form factor. The apps in this AppGuide will point you in the right direction when it comes to getting the latest and most reliable news.

AppGuide Updated: RSS Readers For iPad

While some claim RSS usage is fading fast, the apps in this AppGuide put a fresh face on an otherwise dull piece of technology. The newly added Mr. Reader is one of the best apps in its class for the iPad and adds loads of functionality to your RSS experience.

Mr. Reader Gets A Massive Update - Adds Many New Features, Fixes & Improvements

The popular Google Reader client, Mr. Reader ($3.99, iPad only), has recently received a great update. Now, users of the application can send articles to Readability or a Macintosh computer (via "Send2Mac"), or create a note in Evernote.

Reeder - Now Available In The Mac App Store

The hugely popular iPhone and iPad app, Reeder, is now available to download for Macintosh computers in the Mac App Store.

AppAdvice Live #11 Now Available To Download

AppAdvice Live #11 is now available to download. Check out all of the new ways to enjoy the show here.

MobileRSS HD Updated: New Design, Now Looks A Lot Less Like Reeder

MobileRSS HD ($4.99) is a Google Reader app for the iPad, which has recently received a series of updates. Now, users of the app can enjoy a new design, improved RSS feed management, and article downloads.

AppGuide Updated: RSS Readers

The newly added iReadG puts a modern look on what some claim to be a declining technology. RSS is still a very useful thing and the addition of iReadG further proves that and makes this AppGuide worth a look for any news fiend.

Review: Slide Reader for iPad - Features, Customization and... Competition

Slide Reader is a feature packed RSS reader that beautifully presents your content while enabling customization but can they keep up with similar, socially integrated apps?

New AppGuide: RSS Readers For The iPad

This AppGuide will explore some of the best RSS apps for the iPad. RSS provides a way to create a personalized news app. If you are interested in a particular topic, then simply find the RSS feed and add it to your favorite app. Each day the app will update with that website’s articles.

Reeder On Sale - Get This Amazing App Now, For $0.99!

Reeder is a brilliant Google Reader client for iPhone and iPad. It's beautifully designed, and comes with a whole load of great features. Currently, the iPhone version of Reeder is on sale for a mere $0.99! Read on, and find out exactly why you should purchase this great application...

Review: River of News - Dive Right In

With so many RSS readers to choose from on the iPad, it's hard to stick with just one. With infinite scrolling, River of News presents a whole new way to consume your news. Will this app take the spot as your go-to RSS app? Read on to find out...