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Social Networking

Milkeddit is a beautiful app to browse reddit on your iPhone

Will Milkeddit replace your current reddit iPhone app of choice?

Letterboxd is a beautiful app for film connoisseurs

After several years, Letterboxd has a native iOS app and it was well worth the wait.

Clean up your Pinterest boards with PinCheck

Are you fed up with broken links on your Pinterest pins, but don’t have time to check every one? Use this handy app to check them for you.

Take a break from music, listen to Anchor – true public radio

Step away from the ordinary and listen to something fresh for a while.

Tired of tweeting on Twitter? Hop over and hoot on Hooti

Give a hoot with this new social networking app that makes your posts disappear.

Grab your pals and create your own content click with Riple

Join a group, create your own, and then easily share awesome content with friends.

Flickr now supports 3D Touch and Spotlight Search

Preview photos and notifications using just a slight press with this updated, popular, photo sharing app.

Medium 2.0 brings seamless sync, image zoom and a new look

This app’s major update brings new ways to explore, touch support, easier responding, and more.

Which side of the Wishbone would you pick?

Pick a side on trending topics and see if you are in the majority with this fun, social app.

Which social channel will you tune into with Affimity?

Join a community of those who share your passions and interests with this new app.

Bring it together, connect your apps and friends with Vurb

Recommend your favorite spots and learn about new ones with a neat app for connecting it all with friends.

Discover and create with awesome music on Vine

Get with it and add music to your vines now with a terrific update.

Meld your iPhone with beautiful Dribbble designs in ZEEEN

You'll always find some inspiration or gorgeous design with this awesome new Dribbble app.

Radar - Stay Informed lets you keep up with your contacts

To keep up with what your friends and colleagues are doing on social networking sites, there's an app for that.

Telegram with Aniways lets you have fast and reliable messaging across all platforms

Telegram with Aniways is a fantastic messaging alternative that is worth checking out.

Pushpin for Pinboard gets updated to version 4.0 with offline downloading and other improvements

Pushpin, a popular and powerful Pinboard client, received a huge update today that brings many new and welcome features.

The awkward truth behind automated messaging on iOS and Apple Watch

Our personal computers think they’re being smart and helpful by providing automated suggestions for what we should say. But are they?

Human moderators bring After School back to the App Store

Controversial messaging app After School is available for download once again, this time with a number of new safety features.

7 ways to get your Yik Yak posts up-voted to the top of the Hot list

Feel like your Yik Yak posts aren't getting much traction? We're here to not only introduce you to the app, but to turn you into a pro at the same time.

Discover and track upcoming movies and recommendations in a beautiful way with Plot

Plot is a gorgeous app that makes it easy to keep track of what you want to see as well as what you should see.

Get to know yourself with for a chance to win an iTunes gift card

Here's your chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card.

Tumblr update brings integration with 1Password, new notifications and more

Version 3.8 will now also show notifications for asks, answers, and fan mail.

Forward it for a chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card

Here's your chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card.