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Tweetbot Updated: Adds Landscape Mode, Hashtag Button & Many More Features

Tweetbot Updated: Adds Landscape Mode, Hashtag Button & Many More Features

May 13, 2011
The popular Twitter client for iOS, Tweetbot ($1.99), has recently been updated. Now, users of the app can enjoy a variety of new features, including landscape support, user and hashtag buttons, improved location data and more. As outlined in the app's release notes, features added in the latest version include:
  • Landscape support for media, compose and web views
  • Added User/Hashtag buttons to compose toolbar
  • Improved accuracy of displayed locations
  • Tweet gaps now load above instead of below
  • Lists now sorted alphabetically
  • Login now handles email address or username
  • CloudApp image/video support
  • Improved hashtag picker
  • Fixed translation issue with British English
  • Improved saving behavior for older devices
  • Various bug fixes
Tweetbot was first released around one month ago, and was immediately hailed as being a "Twitter for iPhone killer." Since, the app has proved to be very popular (although its price tag means a lot of Twitter users are sticking with the free, official app). Personally, I've found Tweetbot to be a relatively mediocre app: It looks nice, however it feels - to me, at least - sluggish, which is a definitely turn off. Fortunately for fans of the app, it looks like Tweetbot's developer - Tapbots - is constantly improving the application via a series of updates (the first of which became available towards the end of April). This latest update improves the app even more, adding key features such as landscape mode ("for media, compose and Web views). Support for CloudApp is great (if you're a fan of the service, check out this app, too), and other additions, tweaks and improvements made in this update mean Tweetbot is now better than ever. If you're looking for a Twitter alternatively (and haven't tried the recently updated TweetDeck), be sure to check out Tweetbot. It's currently available in the App Store for $1.99.

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