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Manage Your Permissions With This Simple Site

Manage Your Permissions With This Simple Site

January 5, 2012
Over the past couple of days, a humble Web site has gained a good deal of media attention. That site is It has been featured on popular tech sites, such as The Verge, TNW, and Mashable, among others. So what makes mypermissions so noteworthy? Answer: It does something extremely simple, yet extremely useful. And it does it well. In a nutshell, mypermissions helps you track the sites you've given access to, by giving you a direct link to the relevant pages of eight of the most popular permissions-granting sites. These sites include: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Instagram, and Flickr. Once you click on a button, it takes you directly to the page you need to clean your permissions, without having to navigate through a jungle of pages hidden behind pages. A user may be concerned about giving access to mypermissions, in order to gain access to its access-clearing functions. That concern is nothing to worry about. The site does not ask for, nor need, your access information for other sites; it merely offers a convenient way to link to the pages necessary to manage your privacy. Consumers may be surprised to discover just how many sites they've given Facebook or Twitter access to. The process of deauthorizing rarely-used services is made quick and simple by mypermissions. There is also an option to get monthly cleaning reminders sent to you, through the If This Then That service. For the new year, people often resolve to clean out the old to usher in the new. When it comes to managing app access, mypermissions makes that an easy goal to achieve.  

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