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AppAdvice's Week In Review

May 27, 2012
Will the iTV not be a television? When again will the next iPhone be released? And, what's up with Facebook releasing a Camera app? What will happen to Instagram? These questions and more were explored in the week that was.

Facebook stock tanks, but they had time to release an Instagram-like camera app

Facebook Camera

Just a little more than a month after Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion, the company has strangely launched a very similar app this week. Hitting the App Store, Facebook Camera can be best described as Instagram for Facebook photos. Users of the app can post multiple photos from their camera roll at one time. High-resolution photos of up to 2048×2048 can also be uploaded with the app. And in the most Instagram-like feature, Facebook Camera allows users to crop and apply filters to give photos a different look. What does this mean for the future of Instagram? Who knows. Besides, Facebook has more important things to worry about as their stock tanks for a second straight week.

The Apple iTV isn't a TV?

old tv

For months now, we’ve reported on numerous rumors concerning Apple’s so-called iTV. Now BGR suggests this product might not be a television after all. According to the report, rather than being a full-featured television, Apple’s iTV could actually be something closer to an iHub, which would serve as a focal point in an Apple-powered household. Given that Steve Jobs notoriously said that we are now living in a “post-PC” world this makes a lot of sense. However, I would think that accessing television with it in some way "out of the box" would be a minimum requirement. After all, at 32-inches, this so-called iHub would be at least as expensive as televisions are today, if not more. Still, Apple has a knack for inventing products we didn’t know we needed. Five years ago, the first iPhone arrived without third-party apps and sold well even with its $599 price tag. In 2010, Jobs sold millions of us on a device with a name that sounded like it was a new feminine product. Therefore, perhaps the iHub would succeed even without television built-in.

New iPhone should arrive in October, at familiar price

Fall iPhone

Want more confirmation that the next iPhone is coming in October and not in June? Consider the latest report from PiperJaffray which says that chip delays mean a fall, not summer launch for Apple’s sixth-generation handset. According to PiperJaffray’s Gene Munster, Qualcomm is in short supply of 28nm chips. As such, the next iPhone will launch in October, just like the iPhone 4S did in 2011. As such, the firm estimates an 80 percent chance that iPhone sales will meet its forecast of 49 million units in the December 2012 quarter. Meanwhile, we gave some of the reasons subsidized iPhone pricing isn't going away anytime soon. As such, subsidized prices will remain as long as Apple demands them. And this demand will only go away if the iPhone became less popular.

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On this, the first unofficial weekend of the summer, we present this cool video preview of "Anchorman 2," which could be the funniest movie to arrive next year.   AppAdvice's Week In Review is published each weekend.

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