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New Fake App Fast Tools Pro Claims To Widgetize Your iDevice's Home Screen

New Fake App Fast Tools Pro Claims To Widgetize Your iDevice's Home Screen

June 20, 2012
Seriously, fake apps have been so rampant in the App Store lately that we ought to have a Scam App of the Day feature here on AppAdvice. Just these past few days, we've alerted you about two such apps: the deceptively named Cydia and Microsoft Word 2012. Today, we're warning you about a new one. While this new scam app isn't so blatant as to make use of a well-known brand for its name, its chosen name is nonetheless misleading. Its so-called developer, Axotic, calls it Fast Tools Pro. But it's neither fast nor pro. And most important, it doesn't offer tools that are remotely useful. Here's the app's description in the App Store:
Add Widgets to your home screen! Now you can have Wifi / Bluetooth / Auto-Lock / Flight Mode and Brightness Settings right on your home screen with this app. Guess what? The Settings widget is one of the many widgets you can add. Check out the full list:
  • Weather Widgets
  • Weather Forecast Widgets
  • Calculator Widget
  • Calendar Widget
  • Clock Widget
  • ToDo List Widget
  • Wifi On / Off
  • Bluetooth On / Off
  • Auto-Lock On / Off
  • Flight Mode On / Off
  • Brightness Adjustment.
All can be accessed in just one touch!
Impressive, right? Except it's not. As any discerning iOS user knows, Apple has not allowed developers to add home screen widgets on iOS, nor has it implemented this Android-like feature itself. So, Fast Tools Pro's claims of being able to do so are mighty suspect. And surprise, surprise. The purely one-star reviews for the app in the App Store say as much. It turns out that Fast Tools Pro merely opens a fake home screen littered with icons of Apple's stock apps. And while you can add a settings widget containing, among others, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi toggles to the home screen, it apparently works only on iOS 5.1 or below. O RLY? Fast Tools Pro is available in the App Store for $0.99. But do not waste your dollar on it, or on any similarly dubious app for that matter. We've wondered how this sort of app gets past Apple's App Store review process so many times that we're beginning to sound like a broken record.

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