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Apple Gets Ready To Raise The Curtain On New Product Launches

Apple Gets Ready To Raise The Curtain On New Product Launches

August 31, 2012
One day before August ends, and we’re beginning to see just how important the next few weeks for Apple could be. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is going to unveil “many new products in a short period of time,” beginning next month. These new products include a new iPhone, modified iPad, and much more, according to MacRumors. In July, I suggested that Apple was getting ready to unveil a number of new products this fall. Now, with fall almost here, it looks like my earlier thoughts could prove correct. According to Kuo in a new research report, Cupertino is preparing to release new or refreshed products in September and October. These include the sixth-generation iPhone, iPad Mini, and a modified new iPad. Additionally, look for Apple to unveil new iPod models, and Macs. In September, Kuo surmises that Apple will unveil a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, a new 21.5-inch iMac, the next iPhone, and a new iPod touch. In October, meanwhile, the analyst expects Apple to begin selling a new version of their popular iPod nano, an improved new iPad, plus the widely anticipated iPad Mini. Also arriving in October could be a new 27-inch iMac. The reason that Apple is likely to stagger product introductions is two-fold. For one, there could be supply issues with some of the new products. For another, Apple’s marketing arm will want to stagger the releases for optimal effect heading into the holiday shopping season. As Kuo says:
An interval of at least two weeks between different products is needed; otherwise the promotional campaign will lack a clear focus and shopping line management will become overly complicated, not good for a satisfactory shopping experience. The good news is that we think Apple is well aware of the situation and is doing what it can to keep each new product’s launch as isolated an event as possible.
We’ve heard a lot about the new iPhone, and a little bit about the so-called iPad Mini. Additionally, we reported earlier this summer that Apple would likely refresh the iPod touch, and iPod nano. Most surprisingly, however, is the likelihood that Apple would change the new iPad halfway through its lifecycle. As we reported in early July, Apple may refresh their tablet this fall to include a better performing battery, and an enlarged camera lens. Additionally, the newer new iPad could come with Sharp’s new IGZO display, and a thinner case. One question unanswered is whether Apple will unveil each of their new products at one time, or at two separate events. Personally, I think (as do others) that Apple will announce the new iPhone first, and then the iPad Mini at a separate event. Between both events, the other new products would be announced. Regardless, it won’t be long until we finally hear from Apple on their fall plans. Stay tuned for an exciting few weeks! Source: MacRumors

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