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Facebook Camera Captures Support For Albums, Notifications And More

Facebook Camera Captures Support For Albums, Notifications And More

August 29, 2012
Facebook Camera, the official standalone camera app of the eponymous social networking site, has just received its first major update. Released back in May, just a little over a month after Facebook acquired the hugely popular camera app Instagram, Facebook Camera is like a photos-only offshoot of the main Facebook iOS client. Facebook Camera allows you to view a feed containing nothing but photos from your Facebook friends. It also lets you post multiple photos at once, complete with tags, captions, and even Instagram-like filters. The most recent update to the app, apart from providing better language support and the obligatory bug fixes, brings a number of enhancements. First and foremost, Facebook Camera now has album support. In the app, it’s now possible to add photos to a selected album or create a new one as you go. The app now also has improved support for likes and comments. For one thing, likes and comments are now displayed for posts with multiple photos. For another, likes are now available for individual comments. Moreover, notifications for likes and comments you receive as well as photos in which you’re tagged are included in the new version of Facebook Camera. The updated app also features an expanded view of all users who have liked a photo, including their names and profile pictures. Further, it makes long captions easier to read in full screen view. The newly updated Facebook Camera is available now in the App Store for free. So is Instagram, by the way, on the very off chance that you don't know.

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