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This Week In Accessories: Time For KICKR Off

September 7, 2012
While there are only a few days before the iPhone 5 is introduced Wednesday in San Francisco, it doesn’t mean third-party manufacturers have forgotten about iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 owners. Let’s take a look at some of the new accessories for your iOS device that are hitting the market.

Survivor Custom

Even though Grffin’s Survivor series of cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S has been out for a while, the company has recently introduced an option for buyers to customize their case with a wide variety of colors. Each of the three main components of the case – the silicone wrap, polycarbonate inner shell, and belt clip – can be customized with a different color. The different color choices allow for up to 294 combinations, including the above pictured hunter camo, pink, and red version. The case has been tested to meet or exceed U.S. Department of Defense Standards to protect the iPhone from extreme conditions like dirt, sand, rain, shock vibration, temperature, and humidity. The Survivor Custom is $49.99 and is available now through Griffin’s site.

KICKR Power Trainer

The KICKR Power trainer is probably the largest accessory you’ll ever see, but there is a good reason – it is an iPhone-powered bike trainer. Designed for cyclists and triathletes, the trainer, from Wahoo Fitness, allows users to set resistance, accurately measure power, and complete app-based workouts from an iPhone. Using Bluetooth 4.0 (just like the recently reviewed Heart Rate Strap from the company), the KICKR is compatible with apps like Kinomap Trainer to simulate real-world courses. Available in November, the cost was not announced.

Pogo Connect

The world of styluses for the iPad is continuing to improve. Ten One Design, which created the first capacitive touch screen stylus, has announced that the Bluetooth 4.0 powered Pogo Connect stylus will soon be available. It was originally announced in March as the Blue Tiger Stylus. The pressure-sensitive stylus will be sporting a technology called the Cresendo Sensor that makes the tip highly responsive to pressure and needs zero grams of activation force. And the palm rejection feature keeps drawings clear of unnecessary marks from a hand or palm resting on the tablet's screen. Like the Jot Touch that we’ve previously covered, the Pogo Connect only works with compatible apps. Right now, the stylus will work with Brushes, Zen Brush, PDFPen for iPad, Procreate, FlipBook HD, and Sketch Club. Ten One Design is promising that in the future more apps will work with the device. Interestingly, the stylus comes with a built-in radio transmitter so users can easily find the Pogo Connect if it is ever lost. With a transmitted signal for the Pogo Connect, you can use an iPhone or iPad to see the relative distance to the pen displayed in a radar-style view. Here’s a quick video about the stylus. Click here if you can’t see the video. Pogo Connect can be preordered starting Oct. 1 for $79.95 here. The first 2,000 buyers will receive a version featuring an exclusive laser-engraved tiger graphic.

Grove Case

No, the new and improved Grove Case for the iPhone 5 isn’t available yet, but in the spirit of Wednesday’s event, we thought we’d give everyone a chance to look at what the company is planning to produce. The all-natural case combines renewable bamboo and 100 percent post-consumer plant fiber and is said to be stronger and thinner than previous versions. I recently reviewed Grove’s SkateBack for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 and was very pleased with the quality of the wood in the final product. If you preorder by Sept. 30, you’ll need to place a refundable $20 deposit. But that will entitle you to snag the plain version of the case for $59. The engraved case is $79 while the custom version will set you back $109. The case will be available by the first week of October.

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