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Wondering Why Some YouTube Videos Are Restricted In Jasmine? Wonder No More

Wondering Why Some YouTube Videos Are Restricted In Jasmine? Wonder No More

September 29, 2012
Have you been repeatedly encountering the "restricted feeds" error in Jasmine? If so, you might want to read on for the explanation behind this curious phenomenon. Since its launch last week, Jasmine has been my YouTube app of choice. Unlike Google's replacement app following Apple's removal of the original YouTube app in iOS 6, Jasmine is simple, elegant, and universal. But, like most other users of the app, I've been deterred from watching some of my desired videos by this error message: On the app's current changelog in the App Store, there's a note from Jasmine developer Jason Morrissey that says:
If you continue to see the 'YouTube has restricted feeds' error, a re-install of Jasmine should sort that out for you. I'm still investigating why this is happening in the first place.
As it turns out, a re-install doesn't totally get rid of the problem. The problem still persists, and it appears that Morrissey has found out exactly what's causing it. Through a post in the announcement section of Jasmine, Morrissey details the root of the issue and reveals what he plans to do to counter it. Read Morrissey's enlightening and ultimately encouraging post in full below:
Hi all, Today, I received some communication from YouTube regarding the playback of videos from their licensed partners (namely for music/television). Unfortunately (much like Apple's YouTube app) Jasmine is now also restricted when attempting to play videos from some popular artists. So please don't be surprised if you find some of your favorite music videos inaccessible. I need to reiterate that this isn't YouTube's fault, their hands are tied and they've been nothing but supportive so far. I'm not one to enjoy a limited experience across my iOS devices, so I will be pushing for a way to sub-license some of these feeds. It may prove difficult, but it won't hurt to try. Cheers and very best wishes, Jase
Jasmine for iPhone and iPad is available in the App Store for free. Morrisey's intent to come up with an excellent YouTube app experience is yet another reason to support the development of Jasmine with a $1.99 pro upgrade, don't you think? [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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