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RTF Word Processing App Textilus Writes Up New Features And Improvements

RTF Word Processing App Textilus Writes Up New Features And Improvements

October 25, 2012
Textilus, an emerging word processing app for iOS, has received another feature-packed update. Textilus is an iPad-only word processor designed for the editing and importing of documents in Rich Text Format or RTF. In fact, the app used to go by the name RichText Edit. But perhaps realizing how generic, although appropriate, the name was, app developer Knowtilus decided to change it to the more brand-specific Textilus. Well, a good app by any other name would perform as well. And Textilus aka RichText Edit is one such app. Thanks to the updates it has received since its launch last July, Textilus continues its growth as a notable word processing app. The app's latest update, for instance, is typical in that it brings a considerable number of new features:
  • User defined paragraph line spacing. Double spacing included
  • Copy and paste portions of a document without losing text formatting, even between different documents
  • Sync automatically with Scrivener projects via Dropbox/Draft sharing folder
  • TextExpander Touch support
  • Quick document picker. Browse your files in a traditional tree-like folders and files window
  • Set the writing direction in paragraphs with 2 new options in the Align menu: "Right to left" and "Left to Right"
  • New "Dropbox Sync Now" option to sync the documents immediately
Also including a variety of improvements, the newly updated Textilus is currently available in the App Store for only $0.99. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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