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This Week In Accessories: It’s A Lock

This Week In Accessories: It’s A Lock

October 5, 2012
Welcome back to This Week in Accessories where we take a look at some of the latest and greatest companions for your iOS device. Here’s what we found this week.


I’m a big fan of iOS-controlled home automation equipment, so the Lockitron has definitely piqued my interest. As the name suggests, the product turns an existing deadbolt lock into a Wi-Fi enabled device that can be controlled with your iPhone. Instead of having to install a completely new lock, the Lockitron fits over the inside part of your current deadbolt. Once that is done, you can control the system with a free iOS app that is already in the App Store. Other phones can use the lock via text messages. The app shows you whether the door is locked or unlocked. Push notifications also inform you if someone else has unlocked the door using a key or phone. Access can even be shared with family and friends. Using power management, the Lockitron’s battery can last for up to one year. And the system will even work if your power or Internet goes out. If you have an iPhone 4S or 5 with Bluetooth 4.0, you can simply walk up to the door and it will unlock. The original key can also still be used. Here’s a quick video about the product. Click here if you can’t see the video. If there are 1,000 pre-orders at the $149 price, the first batch of Lockitrons are expected to ship next March. That may be a long time to wait, but it definitely looks like a great product.


While Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin docking adapters have yet to be shipped, CableJive has an interesting alternative. The dockBoss+ allows the use of a 30-pin docking station or car stereo system with the iPhone 5. Combining the dockBoss+ with the already available Lighting-to-USB cable, users can charge and listen to audio from a Lighting-compatible device on the older equipment. Not surprisingly, there are a few wires involved for the system to work. At one end of the cable is the female USB port to connect the Lightning cable for charging and digital audio along with a female 3.5mm audio port for analog systems. On the other end is a female 30-pin connector that attaches to older accessories. The dockBoss+ is $29, and can be ordered directly through CableJive.

Otis James Limited Edition Sleeves

Accessory maker Griffin Technology has recently announced a partnership with Nashville, Tenn.-based Otis James for a handsome line of sleeves for the iPhone. James has made a name for himself creating unique, handmade clothing like neckties, bow ties, and caps. And he’s bringing that great sense of style over to the sleeves. The four different types of plaid sleeves in the line are all handmade in James’ studio and feature a pocket on the front to hold cash and credit cards The sleeves are available for both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. All four designs are $75 each and can be ordered directly through Griffin.

ePure Bluetooth Station

The ePure Bluetooth Station is a combined ergonomic handset and docking station that can connect to your iOS device via Bluetooth. Along with making or receiving calls, the portable handset’s stereo speakers can also stream your favorite music. The station comes in two models. The BH01i is equipped with an older 30-pin docking connector and is $149.99 and the BH01u has a USB port to charge all makes and models of handsets – including the iPhone 5. It is $139.99. Both can be purchased on Amazon. Here’s a quick video demo of the handset in action. Click here if you can't see the video.

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