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Have A Merry Fistmas With The Newly Updated Punch Quest

Have A Merry Fistmas With The Newly Updated Punch Quest

December 23, 2012
Christmas, or any season for that matter, may not be an appropriate time for punching everyone you meet along your way. But if you happen to be playing as the clobbering hero of Punch Quest, anytime is punching time. And now, you're bound to have a merry Fistmas thanks to the latest update to Punch Quest. Announced last June and released last October, Punch Quest is an endless running game that has you punching your way through dungeons full of monsters and ghouls. As pointed out by my colleague Christine in her review of the game, Punch Quest is "insanely fun and challenging." And the latest update to Punch Quest is only going to make it more so. The update delivers quite a few changes, foremost of which is the addition of a new playing mode called Spartan Mode. Accessible in exchange for 250,000 coins in the title screen, Spartan Mode renders you powerless and skill-less at the start of the game. Hence, you're required to pick up powers and skills at random in Spartan Mode, which comes complete with its own scoreboard. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The other notable changes brought about by the update are as follows:
  • New Ultra Belts! Change your belt buckle while conveying an extra Power II skill! Very expensive.
  • Ultra Hats changed. They now are buyable straight from that section, cost 200k, but always have a skill on them. Rerolls cost 100k, but always give a Power I skill.
  • Gnomey gives money now on level ups, though we plan to give him something else to award later.
  • More mystery items. All hats, all the time.
  • Price adjustments to the shop. Quests are also adjusted. This is the one we warned about in the popups.
  • IAP packs readjusted, they now give more coins per dollar.
  • Skip buttons on the quest summary screen, for convenience.
  • Quest boxes tell you when you need to buy a new skill, and how many coins you'd need to.
  • New Share button in the top of the retry screen.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later, Punch Quest is currently available in the App Store for free. Three weeks after launching as a free game, Punch Quest made the switch to being a paid one priced at $0.99. But it's currently free for the holidays, so unclench your fist and grab it right now. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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