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Shazam! Popular Tagging App Adds A New UI And Other Features

Popular tagging app Shazam has just received a slate of new improvements with an update to both iPhone versions. Most importantly, version 5.5 comes with a new UI and updated listening screen. The familiar “sweep” action has been replaced with an updated blue Shazam dial that responds to music. Also, when viewing tag results, the artwork is larger and easier to see. If you’re tagging in a place without an Internet connection, the app now matches the information automatically whenever you move to a good connection. A notification will also appear in the Notification Center. Tags are now also searchable. Scroll to the top of the My Tags section of the app to search by artist, title, tag date, and tag location. For the two Google+ users still out there, they can also share tags on the social network. And finally, for VoiceOver users, Shazam now has a “magic tap.” Users can automatically start tagging with a two-finger double-tap from anywhere in the app. Shazam for the iPhone comes in two different flavors. Shazam Encore is $6.99 in the App Store while the free Shazam app comes with banner ads. The app is also compatible with the iPod touch. There is a separate iPad version of the app that has yet to be updated. While the app started with a focus on music, it has recently branched out. In September, the app added the ability to be a TV companion with information regarding specific television shows. [gallery link="file"]
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