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Rise And Shine To Rise Alarm Clock's First Ever Update

Rise Alarm Clock developer Simplebots has just risen to the occasion and pushed the first update to its emergent alarm clock app. Reviewed quite favorably here on AppAdvice and subsequently hailed as one of AppAdvice's Top 10 Best Paid iPhone Apps of 2012, Rise is a unique alarm clock app that apparently takes its design cues from Clear and Solar. Like those two other acclaimed apps, Rise is minimalist and gesture-based. And rather delightfully at that. To set an alarm time in Rise, all you have to do is drag your finger up or down your iDevice's screen. And to turn the alarm on or off, all you have to do is swipe left or right. It's that easy. Of course, Rise also has key alarm clock app features and then some. As a matter of fact, more features have just been added to Rise through the app's first ever update. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. In the updated version of Rise, dragging down from the top now activates Notification Center interactions. Also supported are vibrate-only, iTunes song, and progressive alarms. There's also support for URL schemes (risealarmclock, risebysimplebots) for interoperability with other apps like Launch Center Pro. In addition, improvements in the latest version of the app ensure that Rise will work even when your device is locked, Do Not Disturb is activated, and/or silent mode is enabled. On top of that, you can now shake your iPhone to snooze Rise from the lock screen. There's just one caveat, though: like other third-party alarm clock apps, Rise must remain in the foreground to ensure full functionality. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 6.0 or later, the newly updated Rise Alarm Clock is available in the App Store for $1.99. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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