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A Million Mailboxes Have Been Filled By This Popular Email App For iPhone

Last week, we were treated to a tale of two "boxes" as the popular gesture-driven email app Mailbox was acquired by the popular cloud service provider Dropbox. Now, it's time for a tale of a million Mailboxes. Only six weeks after its release in the App Store, Mailbox has already filled its 1 millionth reservation. The milestone, which was announced by Mailbox developer Orchestra, signifies that a million users have set up Mailbox after being placed in the app's rather controversial virtual queue. Also announced by Orchestra is a new update to Mailbox, which is now live in the App Store. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The new update includes UI enhancements, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. But undoubtedly the highlight of the update is the addition of "shake to undo." With this new gesture, Mailbox now lets you shake your device to undo your last action. Here's an example. In Mailbox, swiping a message to the right moves it either to the archive or to the trash folder, depending on how far along you swipe. But suppose you meant to just archive a message instead of trashing it. Now, you just have to shake your device to undo the trashing and do the archiving properly this time around. Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, Mailbox is available in the App Store for free. I've been using Mailbox since my reservation was filled, but only intermittently. While I like its implementation of gesture-based actions, including this new one, I'm still trying to figure out how its "put email in its place" philosophy applies to the way I've come to handle my mailbox. How about you? Are you one of the million users whose reservations have been filled by Mailbox? How are you finding Mailbox so far? [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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