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Glassdoor: Apple CEO Tim Cook Still Popular With Employees

Glassdoor: Apple CEO Tim Cook Still Popular With Employees

April 24, 2013
According to recent data from Glassdoor, Apple CEO Tim Cook continues to be extremely popular with his employees. The service, which allows corporate workers to submit anonymous feedback on their own company, currently shows a 94 percent approval rating for Cook, who assumed the role of CEO back in August 2011. Though Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg took the No. 1 spot for Glassdoor's "Best CEO of 2013," Tim Cook's rating is nevertheless impressive. After all, the charismatic Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had a Glassdoor approval rating of 97 percent - just three percent higher than Cook's present score. Glassdoor talked with TUAW about its data on Cook:
Glassdoor also shared a few comments from users who identified as employees actually working in Cupertino, and they called Cook "a CEO who demands work before 6 a.m. everyday, and 'accountability without control'." Another engineer from Cupertino said that "no work/life balance is to be expected at Apple," and that management required employees to be "reachable after work hours." But despite those extra requirements, employees in general seem like enjoy Cook's management.
If hard work is the key to success, Cook and his company are indeed reaping the rewards. Just recently, Apple's second quarter earnings showed impressive figures, with the iPad once again stealing the show. For more information on Glassdoor's corporate rankings, head over to the service's website. Alternatively, for further articles on Apple CEO Tim Cook, see: One Of The First Executives That Tim Cook Fired Speaks Out, Tim Cook "Must" Testify In E-Book Price Fixing Lawsuit Against Apple, and Tim Cook Q&A Session Highlights Apple Shareholder Meeting.

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