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No Chat Heads, Just Cat Heads: Facebook Messenger Updated With Stickers

No Chat Heads, Just Cat Heads: Facebook Messenger Updated With Stickers

May 7, 2013
There are now more reasons to stick to using Facebook Messenger on iOS. Every time Facebook Messenger gets updated with new messaging features, it's safe to assume that those features will eventually make their way to the main Facebook app as well. And vice versa. Case in point: several weeks after Facebook Messenger gained support for voice messages, the same feature was added to the main Facebook app. And now, another case in point: several weeks after the main Facebook app gained support for stickers, they are now also available in Facebook Messenger. Introduced to the main Facebook app along with chat heads and new feeds, stickers are special emoticons, including fun graphics of cats and other critters, that can be embedded within conversations. As in the main Facebook app, stickers can be accessed in the newly updated Facebook Messenger by tapping the smiley above the keyboard. You can then send any sticker from your collection with just one tap. You can also add more stickers to your collection by tapping the basket icon and downloading them. Note that, unlike in the seemingly ceaselessly controversial Path, all stickers in Facebook Messengers can be downloaded for free. You can start using stickers in Facebook Messenger by downloading its new version for your iPhone or iPod touch in the App Store for free. Note that you may not see the stickers right away, as they are being rolled out to users in stages. The new version of Facebook Messenger also includes another new feature that is not exactly new. Back by popular request in the app is the ability to delete a conversation from the inbox with just a swipe to the right. Previously, a swipe of this sort only brings up an option to archive the selected conversation. Now, an option to delete it altogether has been added. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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