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Siri Wants You To Ask Shorter Questions

Siri now seems to be a fan of the quote book. As first notice by iLounge, Apple’s ubiquitous personal assistant will rattle off famous quotes alluding to brevity after being asked an exceedingly long question. The change was made on Siri’s servers over the last two weeks. When my questions went on for a little too long, Siri chided me with the pictured quotes from famous English professor William Strunk and the 1970s TV character Hawkeye from “MASH.” Apparently, Siri will also lob this Thomas Jefferson quote after being asked a long question: “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” These quotes definitely represent a new side for the personal assistant. As we reported on in January, a job posting hinted that Apple wanted to make Siri even wittier when responding to users queries. [caption id="attachment_415809" align="aligncenter" width="540"]This is really a long quote about brevity, don't you think? This is really a long quote about brevity, don't you think?[/caption] While I like the responses, the pictured Strunk quote was a little humorous as it took Siri almost as long to read back the quote as it did for me to ask my intentionally too long question. For other related stories about Siri, see: Apple Wants To Put Siri And iOS Maps Into Every Car? Apple's Siri Remembers Everything We Tell Her For Two Years, and How To Change Siri's Default Search Engine.
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