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Waze Won't Become Part Of Facebook After All

It looks like Waze won’t be liking Facebook anytime soon. The Israel-based social mapping and navigation startup, and the social network giant have ended acquisition talks, according to AllThingsD. The talks, which had been ongoing for months, broke down over logistics, and personnel issues. Specifically, there were conflicts “over whether or not the Waze team – which is predominantly based in Israel – would move over to the United States.” Facebook was reportedly ready to spend $1 billion for the company. Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that Google had also expressed an interest in acquiring Waze. However, this wasn't mentioned as a reason for the failed talks between Waze and Facebook. One thing that probably won’t happen is Apple acquiring Waze. Despite rumors to the contrary earlier this year, CEO Tim Cook told the crowd at D: All Things Digital that Apple had not made a bid for the company. The free Waze app is available in the App Store. For more information, see: Apple Has Acquired 9 Companies Since October Last Year, Most Are UndisclosedWaze CEO Didn't Ever Expect Much From Apple Maps, and In Road Race Around Cupertino, Apple Maps Beats Google And Waze.
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