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One Of The Best Tower Defense Games Just Got A Useful Update

Kingdom Rush Frontiers, one of the best tower defense games for iOS, has just received a useful update. Besides the usual bug fixes and performance optimizations, players will now find that Ashbite, the dragon hero, can attack flying enemies in the application. Changes made in version 1.1 of both Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD include:
  • Several gameplay/balance fixes.
  • Ashbite can now attack flying enemies.
  • Several bugs fixes.
As a reminder, Kingdom Rush Frontiers offers iDevice owners an impressive unit-based tower defense game. In our hands-on review of the app, we advised readers that this "entertaining game" is certainly worth downloading, especially for fans of the tower defense genre. In fact, we were so impressed that Kingdom Rush Frontiers was named our AppAdvice Game of the Week for June 14, 2013. It's great to see that developer Ironhide Game Studio is continuing to improve its already impressive app. Check out the latest versions of Kingdom Rush Frontiers ($2.99) and Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD ($4.99) in the App Store now. For more of our recent app news, see: Today's Best Apps: BitBattle And ThunderspaceAppAdvice Game Of The Week For July 5, 2013, and Instagram Update Adds Landscape Mode, Helps Cure Devastating iPhone User Disorder.
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