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Popular Hacker Hopes To Enhance The Jailbreak Scene With 'OpenJailbreak'

Popular Hacker Hopes To Enhance The Jailbreak Scene With 'OpenJailbreak'

July 1, 2013
Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) has disclosed more information concerning one of his ongoing projects. Called "openjailbreak," Hill hopes soon to launch a dedicated repository of "open source jailbreak components" which he has created over the years, thereby providing jailbreak developers with a means of accessing, editing, and adding to a large framework of useful code. Hill first posted a cryptic Twitter update in which he condemned sn0wbreeze and iOS 6.1.3, and told followers that he's "ready to get this #openjailbreak off the ground." What's "openjailbreak," you ask? In an interview with Hill, iFans subsequently explained that the service will be an open source repository of sorts, dedicated to Hill's own creations:
"Essentially it’s going to be a repository of open source jailbreak components that I created over the years,” claims Hill. “So much of my code has been hacked up and incorporated into other projects, it’s becoming very fragmented. There’s no central repository to maintain all this code, to allow other developers to submit patches or help layout a roadmap for what new features and abilities will be added in the future."
Hill notes, however, that "this is just a small part of an ultimate plan." Though this "ultimate plan" isn't disclosed, some have argued that Hill is working on a bootrom exploit capable of jailbreaking any iDevice, regardless of its firmware. We'll keep you updated with further news on Joshua Hill's work as we receive it. In the meantime, for some of our recent jailbreak related news articles, see: It's Official: iOS 7 Can Be JailbrokenCydia Tweak: HomeDisplay Adds A Second Status Bar To The Home Screen, and Cydia Tweak: LiveWire Pro Adds Unlock Animations To Your Jailbroken Device.

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