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The AppAdvice iOS 7 Quick Pick: World Clock Goes Digital, While Sharing Becomes Easier

The AppAdvice iOS 7 Quick Pick: World Clock Goes Digital, While Sharing Becomes Easier

July 3, 2013
The next version of iOS 7 doesn’t arrive for the public until this fall. However, developers are already giving us quite a bit of insight on what new enhancements Apple’s next operating system includes. Today we continue our series of reports on some of the changes coming to the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

World Clock goes digital

By default, the native Clock app in iOS 7 shows the time using an analog clock. However, this can be changed to digital, at least when viewing World Clocks. To do so, simply click on a clock face under World Clock. In the iOS 7 beta 2, this feature is only available on the iPhone/iPod touch, not the iPad. We thank reader Glyn for bringing the Clock change to our attention.

Sharing Files

We already know that Yahoo's Flickr, and Vimeo, are tightly integrated into iOS 7. However, in keeping with iOS 7's minimalistic design, this integration is not nearly as obtrusive as it would be in iOS 6. In fact, the entire file sharing process in iOS 7 has been greatly refined so that it no longer feels like an afterthought. In iOS 6, the sharing interface looks a lot like a popup screen, which many have found to be annoying. Sharing in iOS 7 is performed on the same screen as the new AirDrop feature, which Apple first demoed at WWDC. To share a file, click on the sharing icon, where available. Next, select a sharing method. For photos, the choices are Message, Mail, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. The choices are slightly different for videos: Message, Mail, iCloud, YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. From the screen you can also copy or print the file, assign it to a contact, use as wallpaper, watch as a slideshow, or send to AirPlay. The sharing choices presented depend on the app that you are using, and also the services in which you are subscribed. For example, you won't find Flickr or Vimeo as choices unless they are activated in the Settings app. That’s it for today, folks. We’ll be offering other iOS 7 quick picks in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. In the meantime, see: Hands-On Video: The Return Of Apple’s Voice Memos App Is Making Waves In iOS 7Want To Add HDR To The iPad’s Camera App? Download iOS 7 This Fall, and Full Walkthrough: Apple’s iOS 7 Beta 2 Running On The iPad.

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