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Today's Best Apps: Sprinkle Islands, IFTTT, Tiny Thief And More

Today's Best Apps: Sprinkle Islands, IFTTT, Tiny Thief And More

July 12, 2013
he App Store takes delivery of hundreds of new apps per day. The overwhelming scene makes it possible to easily overlook an exciting game, valuable productivity suite, etc. However, we have a solution. Today’s Best Apps tackles this problem by providing you with a handpicked and tested list of apps that are truly worth your consideration each and everyday. Remember: Even though in-app purchases typically require your iTunes Store password for processing, you can further prevent them and other unauthorized actions by enabling local restrictions using the passcode locked iOS parental controls


Tangent by Ben Guerrette ($0.99, 35.7 MB): Elegantly enhance your photos with this shape and pattern-based effects app. From encapsulating circles to focus directing lines, there's always something that can add a greatly complimenting artistic flare. After selecting one of the 15 styles, you'll have the opportunity to modify nearly every attribute: utilized shape, pattern, color, and transparency. The initial purchase includes a simple a navigate flat UI, all 15 styles, 11 shapes, 11 background fills, 350 combinations of color blends, plus in-app camera, iOS camera roll integration, and sharing via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. An additional 28 shapes and 32 fill patterns are available as part of two expansion packs purchasable for $0.99 each.

eSend - Email Scheduler by Brian Ripley ($1.99, 1.4 MB): Simple and effective, this email client companion allows you to schedule messages for easier multitasking and reception at the perfect moment. Just a couple of examples could be making certain newsletters get out on time and without interrupting other work or that birthday message is the most recent and the first one they'll read. No matter what the purpose, setup and management of every message remains quick and easy. Simply tap New, compose the message as you would in Mail, select the desired date and time at the bottom, and then tap Send in the top-right to add it to the queue. All messages, both waiting and sent are displayed in a single list with distinct icons indicating each status. The app also features Address Book integration, custom signatures, and multiple account support, including assisted setup for AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!

IFTTT by IFTTT (Free, 11.4 MB): The extremely handy "if this then that" service finally arrives for iOS. Utilizing IFTTT means saving lots of time on redundant and predictable tasks by connecting channels, such as Twitter or Camera, through recipes. Some recipe examples include uploading all FaceTime camera grabbed moments to Instagram and tagging them #selfies, copying all Instagram captures to Blogger, or automatically update your Twitter profile picture after changing your Facebook. The amount of possibilities are far beyond listing in a single page as IFTTT integrates with dozens of the most popular apps and services. In addition to creating and sharing your own recipes, feel free to use those others have come up with. The app features a clean and simple flat UI and does require an IFTTT account.


Tiny Thief by Rovio Stars Ltd. ($2.99, 46.8 MB): An adorable and quirky take on Robin Hood, this platform-puzzler has you helping those who are less fortunate by stealing back what is rightfully theirs. Whether it involves the nefarious knights, pernicious pirates, or repugnant robots, each adventure will require every bit of your cunning to determine how to incapacitate the foes, snatch the goods, and get away undetected. The game features beautiful hand-drawn graphics, comic book-style story, 30 missions throughout six quests, point-and-tap control, plus Game Center achievements.

Sprinkle Islands by Mediocre AB ($1.99, 35.4 MB): This wet and wild sequel of the charming physics-based water shooting puzzler places you back at Titan to stop another fiery situation. After combating the nearly catastrophic meteor shower, the peaceful alien race must now deal with the Earthlings carelessness of trash disposal threatening the Titan's beautiful islands. As burning garbage rains down on the tropical villages, command the lift-equipped fire truck and get dousing. Like the disaster before, some of the flames are along rough terrain and in tough to reach areas, therefore, you'll need to push over rocks and more to gain access. The game features colorful 3-D graphics, pleasant tropical soundtrack, 48 levels spanning four distinct islands, dual-thumb control, star-style droplet rating system as well as Game Center leaderboards. A trial version is available.

Bloody Harry by FDG Entertainment ($0.99, 32.4 MB): Help the chef with no boundaries prepare some undead dishes in this side-scrolling hack-and-slasher. Even after an apocalypse the still living need to eat, and what better than zombie stew, ribs, or whatever else you crave? So, grab your crowbar and pistol, then head out for some harvesting. Blast and club at the creatures as well as smash open trashcans and other items to get some tasty zombie meat, coins, and other rewards. In addition, you may come across more travel-friendly items, such as the skateboard or the even more smashingly awesome cannon. After collecting enough money, make a trade for better weapons, such as the shotgun or crossbow, then head off to bigger and badder challenges. The game features cartoony graphics with gore, occasional humorous commentary, dynamically constructed stages for endless play, level-up system, 15 weapons, power-ups, dozens of side goals, plus Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

Deus Ex: The Fall by SQUARE ENIX ($6.99, 770.8 MB): The hit sci-fi RPG series arrives for iOS and is ready to send you on a thrilling adventure in a technologically advanced future. Taking the role of Ben Saxon, an augmented former British SAS Mercenary, you set out to unravel and expose an increasingly problematic conspiracy that threaten your life and other cybernetic people. Make your way through buildings, across rooftops, and more with a team of special ops soldiers to take down the Tyrants and anyone else that stands in the way. Similar to the console experience, the game features solid 3-D graphics and plenty of player flexibility. For example, you may go about carefully covering behind walls and incapacitating enemies using stealth maneuvers or take down an entire area with guns blazing. As for control, the game includes a familiar dual-stick first-person HUD, plus some assistive functionality, which can be disabled to increase difficulty and provide a more lifelike tone.

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