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Counterfeit iDevices Could Even Be On Sale In Your Local Mall

Counterfeit iDevices Could Even Be On Sale In Your Local Mall

August 30, 2013
Counterfeit iDevices aren't limited to the far east, to the Chinese grey market, or to countries where Apple products aren't officially sold. Instead, according to a recent report from a Baltimore, Md. news station, a selection of fake iPhones and iPads could be on sale in your local mall. After raiding a local mall in the United States, Maryland officers seized a selection of counterfeit Apple products, the report explains:
Officers said they raided the Cyberion store and the ST Tech Pros kiosk last Friday and recovered hundreds of fake Apple products that were being sold as authentic factory replacements.”These organizations that make these products are using substandard materials. They are doing everything they can to make them look like the real thing,” said Greg Shipley with the Maryland State Police.
Included in the selection were 24 iPhones, iPhone and iPad covers, Apple product ID stickers, internal parts, cellphone conversion kits, and more. Here's the report:

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The value of the counterfeit products seized is estimated at some $89,000. Readers are reminded, of course, that counterfeit Apple products can be extremely dangerous. In China, the availability of fake iDevice chargers recently resulted in the electrocution of two iPhone owners, one of whom died as a result of her injuries. See also: Hawaiian Airlines To Offer iPad minis On All Its Boeing 767-300 AircraftBulkypix's Link The Slug Lazily Rips Off ZeptoLab's Pudding Monsters, and Thinglist "Want To-Do" App Now Lets You Easily Share Your Things With Others.

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