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MobileMe Storage Set To Expire For Real This Time, Users Must Pay For iCloud

MobileMe Storage Set To Expire For Real This Time, Users Must Pay For iCloud

August 2, 2013
Apple has emailed recipients of MobileMe's complimentary 20-GB cloud storage, reminding them that the service is set to close down on September 30, 2013. Documents, email, and more must now be transferred over to iCloud, and - if necessary - a paid plan must be acquired if customers' data exceeds the free 5-GB Apple offers all users of its cloud-based service. As a reminder, Apple was set to close down MobileMe's cloud storage exactly one year earlier, before pushing the deadline back. This time round, however, we're not sure MobileMe users will be so lucky, and as such iDevice owners are advised to transfer their data to iCloud in advance of the September 30 deadline. Though purchased music, movies, apps, books, TV shows, and Photo Stream don't eat into iCloud storage, users may nevertheless find that Apple's free 5-GB isn't enough to house data from their backups, documents, and email. If this is the case, additional storage must be purchased for individual Apple IDs, the prices for which are as follows:
  • 10 additional GB (15 GB total): $20/year
  • 20 additional GB (25 GB total): $40/year
  • 50 additional GB (55 GB total): $100/year
Apple explained in its email:
When [MobileMe] expires, your iCloud storage will be automatically adjusted to the free 5 GB plan. If you exceed your storage plan on September 30, 2013, iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud, and iCloud Mail will temporarily stop working.
For information on transferring from MobileMe to iCloud, be sure to check out our article from last year. In the meantime, see: Burpple 2.0 Brings New Design And New Features To Popular Social Food Guide AppSoundHound's Latest Update Adds A Music Map, Trends And More, and Apple Still Hasn't Found The Right Fit For Its Head Of Retail.

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