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Spotify Trumps iTunes Radio With Curated Playlists For Every Moment And Mood

When we wrote about the previous major update to Spotify, we noted that it had the potential to make the app the best music streaming service on iOS. Well, if that update hasn't fully realized said potential, the latest update to Spotify will most likely do. The app's previous update introduced Discover, a feature that lets you discover great music from Spotify's personalized recommendations. For its part, the app's new update, which is yet to go live, introduces Browse, a new feature that lets you discover even more great music in several different ways. Browse seems to combine the best of iTunes Radio and Songza in offering curated playlists in addition to presenting the latest in music:
  • Music for every moment: We've got just the right tunes for your morning commute, the party tonight, and the hangover tomorrow.
  • Music for every mood: More than just genres, listen to a playlist for romance or a collection of face melting guitarists.
  • Browse for what's hot and what's new: Find all the latest album and single releases from your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) artists, and a collection of our top lists.
According to Spotify's announcement (via Engadget), Browse will be gradually rolled out today on iOS as well as on Android. Of course, we'll be sure to let you know once this significant update goes live in the App Store, where Spotify for iOS is available to download for free. See also: Comparing iTunes Radio To Pandora, Spotify And Other Streaming Music Services, Rdio Update Introduces Song Stations, and Songza To Introduce New Ad-Free Subscription Service At $0.99 Per Week.
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