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You're Invited To Check Out The First Update To Cal By Any.DO

You're Invited To Check Out The First Update To Cal By Any.DO

August 5, 2013
Cal, the smart calendar app developed by the same team behind the popular to-do app Any.DO, has just received its first update. Released about a month ago, Cal is, as noted by Christine in her review here on AppAdvice, "a beautiful calendar and task manager combined into one. If you are a fan of Any.DO as a to-do app, then you will love the same design for your calendar." With its first update, Cal has gained a number of useful improvements. For starters, the update applies a color theme for every calendar, e.g. red for Home, yellow for Work, and orange for Birthdays. At the moment, there's no way to set your own color preference for each of your calendars, so you'll have to do with Cal's default color pickings for now. The update also provides an easy way to spot busy days from the month view, as the app now displays a little line below each date with at least one event. A longer line means more events scheduled for a date. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Furthermore, the update lets you see the current date or the number of pending invitations right from Cal's app icon in the home screen. Just go to the app's settings section, tap the "App icon badge" option, and select Current Date, Pending Invitations, or None. The following improvements are also included in Cal's first update:
  • Redesigned the attendees picker (so you can see attendee's email while typing)
  • Support adding multiple contacts while creating an event (with the auto-complete)
  • Added support for changing the reminder time to the events you've been invited to
  • Made Cal faster, better and far more reliable
The new version of Cal is available now in the App Store for free. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later. As it happens, Any.DO itself has also just received a new update, which lets users in some countries get real rewards for getting things done. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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